Crushing Canine Fitness & Health

Have you ever left your pet locked up all day, at home with nothing to do but whine for you and no one to play with? Chances are when you returned your place was a shambles, with torn and shredded furniture, random items tossed, shoes gnashed and maybe ummm… a pile of poop to clean up. This is what happens when pent-up animal energy doesn’t get released. Let’s hope at the very minimum you left adequate food and water for your dog because you might have come home to see your sweet pet turn into Cujo.

An Outlet for Them – Salvation for You!

Pets much like us, get bored when there isn’t anything to do. They require attention, proper nutrition and exercise like we do, but if you have to hold down a job it might make things tricky. How does one provide a healthy energy release for a dog, when you, the owner is gone?

  • Hire a Pet Sitter/Walker – There are neighbors you can tap, even professionals you can hire to walk, play, and care for your dog if you’re going to be gone more than a few hours.
  • Doggy Door – Though a bit problematic in an apartment, in a house, an installed dog door bridges the gap between chewed carpets, pooped on pillows and the occasional romp outdoors.
  • Day Care – Depending on the cost, how long you’re gone, any health issues your pet might have, having a doggy day care, where he can roam, play and interact with other brethren might just be the answer.
  • Treadmill – You heard right! A dog treadmill, left on low while you’re gone or even during cold wintry months provides exercise, release, and keeps him occupied while you’re away or being outside is just not possible.

Pet Peeves

If you want to lessen the visits to the veterinarian for animal issues like too much weight gain, lethargy, and overall poor health, (animals can be diabetic and obese too) then you’ve got to keep them somewhat happy. Pets like kids are a 24-hour gig, and you can’t do a half-baked job of having one and expect everything to run smoothly with them. It’s just not going to happen.

Take heed and do small changes to your environment to assist you, and your furry friend from going bonkers. In the long run, this will save you both much anxiety, making room for more fun and memories.